Facebook Page ID
Fill in your Facebook Page ID.

Facebook App
Configure your Facebook App to enable auto-invalidation of the cache when updating articles

Facebook App ID
Provide a valid App ID

Facebook App Secret
Provide a valid App Secret

Page Access Token
Provide a valid access token for your Page

Configure settings for your styles, ads, analytics and publishing in Instant Articles. Review our developer documentation to learn more.

Article Style
Assign your Instant Articles a custom style. To begin, customize a template using the Style Editor. Next, input the name of the style below.Note: If this field is left blank, the plugin will enable the “Default” style. Learn more about Instant Articles style options in the Design Guide.

The copyright details for your articles. Note: Some inline html tags can be used in this field. Learn more about Footer in Instant Articles.

Right-to-Left Publishing Enable Right-to-Left (RTL) publishing
Body text will read right to left for all articles.

Choose your preferred method for displaying ads in your Instant Articles and input the code in the boxes below. Learn more about your options for advertising in Instant Articles.

Ad Type
Facebook Audience Network
This plugin will automatically place the ads within your articles.

Audience Network Placement ID
Find your Placement ID for Facebook Audience Network on your app’s Audience Network Portal

Ad Dimensions
Large (300 x 250)
Enable 3rd-party analytics to be used with Instant Articles.

If you already use a WordPress plugin to manage analytics, you can enable it below. You can also embed code to insert your own trackers and analytics. Learn more about Analytics in Instant Articles.

3rd party integrations Comscore
Select which analytics services you’d like to use with Instant Articles.

Comscore ID
Embed code Enable custom embed code
Add code for any other analytics services you wish to use.

Publishing Settings
Development Mode Enable development mode
Articles published while in Development Mode are saved as “drafts” within Facebook and will not be made live. Note: Since articles in “draft” are not reviewed, Development Mode should be disabled when publishing articles to Facebook which you intend to use in your one-time review.

Custom transformer rules Enable custom transformer rules
Define your own rules to customize the transformation of your content into Instant Articles

Transformation warnings Publish articles containing warnings
With this option disabled, articles which contain warnings in their transformation process won’t be available as Instant Articles by default — this can be overridden on individual articles. Note: It is recommended that all transformation warnings be fixed.

FB IA Status column Enable column “FB IA Status”
With this option enabled, a column will be added to post indexes to quickly see whether an article transformation failed, succeeded, or had warnings.

AMP Markup Generation
Settings to control the IA to AMP conversion, check the project’s repository for more info.

Enable Markup (experimental) Enable AMP markup generation
With this option enabled, posts will also be available in AMP markup. The generated mark-up can be accessed by adding ?amp_markup=1 to the URL of a post.

Instant Article JSON Style
Please paste the contents of the Style JSON file (downloaded from the Publishing Tools)

Automatic Image sizing Download all external images to get their dimensions (slow)
With this option enabled, images in other servers/domains will be downloaded to get their width and height. Learn more in the official docs



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